How to Fall Behind

Well first, we should probably help to manage expectations here, because if you think that this blog will help you to learn how to fall behind in life, then we will go ahead and apologize right now. The truth? This blog is more to share how we feel we can fall behind but in the end…is that such a bad thing?

Being an over-seas missionary with a small but wonderful ministry, almost three years on the field – again, we can see how much we’ve grown in learning a new culture, new language and yet at the same time, we understand how much more we have to learn. In the beginning, we took on titled “roles” to serve a ministry in need but due to life always playing it’s fair share, sometimes you’re dealt with a new position.

As we came onto the field here, we joined alongside two other missionary families, a single missionary and the rest of our team, the majority – our Dominican staff. Today, after the single and one other missionary family have taken a different journey, that leaves the rest of us to quickly re-group and continue working together, a little smarter and a littler harder, towards the mission we always seek to serve – restoring broken families with the gospel.

Some our staff after
a morning of leadership training

As Karen has shared before, her position at times feels as if she wears many hats. Now….well, we’ve definitely taken on even more. It’s the reason we’re behind on updating all of you with how things are going specifically with our family. So what’s the position you would take when more responsibilities fall on your lap? Would you give up? Would you run full steam ahead?

For us, as Christians, we believe that the way to not fall behind is to take the starting position to fall behind. It’s okay, we’ll clear up any confusion.

Recently, and sometimes as always, our family decided to watch a movie that we’ve seen before but thought we’d watch it again (maybe it’s due to hearing about the most recent Kentucky Derby). Have you ever seen the movie Secretariat? Based on a true story, it’s about the horse Secretariat (*SPOILER ALERT*) and the incredible accomplishment of winning the Triple Crown in 1973. Secretariat was the horse to win the Triple Crown in over 25 years and today, he also still holds the record for fastest speed in all of these prestigious races – the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes.

Laurin said, “In all his races, he has taken the worst of it by coming from behind, usually circling his field. A colt has to be a real runner to do this consistently and get away with it.”

Lucien Laurin, the trainer of Secretariat

This was the interesting racing style of Secretariat. Most of his races began with him in last position, but then, the climax would soon follow and he would eventually finish the race for the grand prize! This can remind us of the encouragement that we hold onto from God’s Word –

 "If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit." - Paul, Galatians 5:25

As we continue to serve in our “roles” with Project Mañana and take on many other responsibilities as well, with our eyes on the prize – Jesus, even though the race is one of the hardest to run, the grand prize in the end will be worth the endurance. In the mean time, we’ll continue our starting positions from last place. Being guided, staying consistent observing everything and everyone around us, running ahead believing in the truth – God’s Word with the gift of Christ and the Holy Spirit – we hope that you’ll be a part of the exciting race with us! Trophies are given from above and we have to remember,

“…as believers, we don’t fight for victory, we fight from victory.”

Chip Ingram

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