I’m not so tired and worn anymore.

I’m tired. I’m worn. What do you hear or think of when you read these words? For me, right away a song from Tenth Ave North. Maybe you know it? If not, it’s definitely a good one. Feel free to check it out below…

And that’s exactly how I feel at this very moment. Half-awake, half-asleep, a perfect blend of a walking zombie in my world. But most recently the weariness has also brought much sadness. Yet when I think about how I got to this level, (enter sarcasm) I can’t imagine why…wife, mom of five, missionary, child sponsorship coordinator, hairstylist, intern coordinator, social media manager, role model, children’s church leader, church member, friend, encourager, supporter, student, daughter, sister, grand daughter, niece and on and on it goes. I mean, what am I thinking right?! Or one might even say, “well, you choose to wear a lot of those hats.”

But really in the grand scheme of life, I count it all joy. I’m in a relationship with my hope. God sustains me, loves me and sent me Jesus. We tend to remind many, especially in a country where many and I mean many, they don’t have much and need so much just to get through a week, let alone even a day. There are so many people all over the world that feeling worn and tired more than likely stems from a reality that food, water and essential needs can cause a weariness of being worn that once you’re there long enough it’s not worn anymore. Being worn out long enough to me, I’m sure that soon enough it can begin a pattern of simply surviving.

So can we be grateful for attributes that we learn from Jesus? Do you know Him? Can you see Him? Because He’s alive. He is humility, forgiveness, understanding, patient, peaceful, comforting, compassionate, obedient, and this list goes on. But it’s this person of not only who He is but also what He’s done that helps to lift me up each and every time.

You might need this reminder as I do now. WE NEED JESUS. More and more, now more than ever before. We were never promised a wonderful life. At least not on this side of heaven and we can get through hard times in life if we simply believe He’s with us. We learn from Him, we can hear from Him through His Word, His Word can transform our desires to only seeking after His.

It’s not about me, it’s about Him and others that haven’t found Him. It’s not I need to know more about myself. We need to know more about Him. When I’m tired I look to Him. When I’m worn, I remember what He did and who He is and who I have on my side. There’s POWER in that name Jesus.

He’s my friend, my Savior and I want to share Him with everyone I know. Especially those I know that need Him and don’t know Him like I do. I’m tired but He carried His cross and died for all. I’m worn but He got up and walked out of a grave like a CHAMP after a couple days. And today He is here for anyone who wants to hear and meet Him through His Word, allowing it to feed and restore oneself and then you can get the gift of the Holy Spirit!

We’ve got a big game coming up for our hometown city of Cincinnati. The Cincinnati Bengals are playing in the SuperBowl and something I heard recently was that most of the players commented on the unselfishness of the team played a big part to get them where they are today. Each and every one of us matter. I’m not saying that if you’re worn and can’t get out something’s wrong. I’m saying it happens, life’s hard and honestly sometimes it just down right stinks. So look to Him. Our childrens church theme this month is Fix Your Eyes on Jesus. Get focused on your sustainer and He wants to carry you through together. He doesn’t want you to go through this life on your own.

I believe it stands true to this day- JOY= Jesus, Others then You. Find Jesus, get to know Jesus personally, He’ll show you how to love others and you can make the choice to put those things in action. Once you do, you will receive His blessings. Not what you want but His goodness that He has to strengthen and refine you.

I just realized…I’m not so tired and worn anymore. Why? Because I remember that He is faithful and He reigns. Thank God He gave us Jesus.

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