Can it really be so simple?

Even though mission teams will always come and go, our efforts and work always continues together with so many. With our last team, friends at Christ Community Church, they took the opportunity to come alongside us and remind many that they met with, in our communities where we serve, “…even though we have to go, our friends here at Project Mañana are here for you…” Truer words have never been spoken. This is why we are here and this is where we remain, together with so many of you!

To know so many that have chosen to work together with the ministry of Project Mañana, our family alongside the ministry and to everything that God has in store for us all, it truly brings such great encouragement! We continue to help along the physical needs, our projects in water, nutrition, education, prisons, young ladies with their quinceañeras in order to reach the spiritual needs, with our Timothy project, the overarching project of them all, sharing the gospel.

As we shared in our last blog, for the many that can hold on to a hope that isn’t hope, we continue as hard as we can to be ever present and ready for the opportunities that we can have, sharing the only hope that’s real. But it’s not always simple, in fact Paul follows after these verses at the end of the chapter, with a reminder.

“Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good. Love one with brotherly affection…Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12: 9, 10a & 21

We have an enemy and we have our flesh. We have to work on self-control and strengthening our faith. We will continue here to press forward in our relationships, lifting up and honoring our fellow Dominican brothers and sisters, our American brothers and sisters, all our brothers and sisters in Christ both present and future, in the only truth, Gods word alone. It’s in this that so much can come together and come together well.

Yes, some struggles faced here can be similar to struggles in wealthier countries but also so much more challenging as well. As we read “one body in Christ”, the struggle in this truth for many is it can be hard to see Christ and they only see the body. And where there is only the body, the only thing to be seen is evil and that evil is sin. Or even worst, as they only see the body that “seems” to be in Christ, then a struggle can arise to where they will begin to see Jesus in one body?! The truth then gets flipped upside down and hurt and heartache begins.

But as we have the freedom to struggle, we have to remember as Christians that we are not struggling to be free. Can it be so simple? It should be, but so much sin in this world clouds us with confusion and it can become difficult to see, especially when so much more seems easier to gain access, acceptance and love. Jesus is the only true hope we have, the hope that we need. So let us remain together, together in Him. A HUGE THANKYOU to the team from Christ Community Church in sharing the message with us all and all of you, making it clear to see!

As sin entered the world, it broke the perfect relationship that we had with God.

No amount of prayer, good works or money will fix it.

So God sent us His son, Jesus to die for our sins and raise from the dead.

And with Him we are brought back to a perfect relationship again through eternity.

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