Feeling disoriented? There’s a simple solution.

Is it possible to have a blog with only pictures? I suppose that’s where I could choose to only share on Instagram. Is it possible for me to only show pictures without any description at all? Again, yes. But it might not convey exactly what is happening. Instead, it only gives the viewpoint of what the viewer wants to see. Which in many cases, the “view” can be interpreted in so many ways. It reminds me of things like the movie Vantage Point or the childhood toy, a  kaleidoscope. You look in to expect one focal point but can end up completely disoriented depending on the eye of the beholder. So once again, we go to scripture for the only truth, the simple solution to any confusion that comes along.

Why are we here? What are we doing in the Dominican Republic with Project Manana? Is it to make ourselves look good? Do we do what we do to try to impress everyone around us? Any average Joe can want to do something good? Helping people that are less fortunate, that’s a good thing? How do you define good? What do we know is right? You teach people about Jesus? Do you teach them that they have to live a perfect life? Now that you have requirements because of Covid, more than likely things will slow down? How will overseas missions overcome what seems to be impossible, in order to achieve what it wants to accomplish?

Again, our answer to all of this is simple- God. With Christ being our vantage point and what He accomplished by His death on the cross and His victory over the grave. Victory lies in Him. It’s rooted in promises, in faithfulness, in obedience, surrender. So as this blog might just become one of our shortest blogs yet, we only want to share that it has Jesus over everything that we do. All we want is that you only see Him. He covers all our imperfections, He strengthens us as we want to humbly serve and He is the only one whom we live to please and can only hope that you’re drawn to Him and never to ourselves.

He’s given us forgiveness in grace. He asks that we extend that very same grace to others. We pray that hearts will be open to receiving us and His word.  We believe that our Father in heaven will be the only one to save those that need rescue, as He has already accomplished and will continue to be the one who delivers. He is enough. He is all we ever need.

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