He is the Reason & He may change your Season

We are experiencing our first “warm weather” Christmas holiday, it’s 82 degrees as I’m writing to you. As wonderful as it is to not worry about crazy spikes in our gas & electric bill or winter storm warnings, experiencing Christmas in a warm climate is a bit unusual. Trust me, I’m not complaining, I don’t miss the snow, ice or frigid temperatures. However, it’s not what we’ve been used to experiencing this time of year.

Up in the mountain during Thanksgiving

Christmas decorations have been hung around town since early October, mainly because Halloween & Thanksgiving are not celebrated here. Maybe it’s the weather or maybe it’s being away from family, but it just doesn’t feel like Christmas.

A night out to see lights

It’s true, we are creatures of habit, we become comfortable knowing things will happen a certain way – even Christmas weather.

What are your families Christmas traditions? Most of us have some sort of Christmas tradition, for our family it was going to Waffle House on Christmas morning for breakfast, yes you heard us right – Waffle House.

Don’t judge!

Last Year Christmas morning Waffle House Monroe Ohio

This tradition will end this year, maybe we will start a new Christmas tradition in the Dominican Republic.

Change isn’t always easy, most of the time it’s down right difficult. In many ways this change in December weather is not all that different from our walk with the Lord. We are creatures of habit, but God is calling us to new experiences for His glory & His Kingdom. Part of the richness of the Christian life is to have our “seasons” adjusted from time to time. You see, God allows change in our lives in order to give us the opportunity to see our lives and the world around us in a brand new way. Your “season change” may not be Christmas with warm weather, but it could be stepping in to serve in a way that may feel unusual or perhaps engaging those in your community that desperately need to experience the love of Christ.

Meeting Jesus for the first time is the greatest “season change” anyone could ever have.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

A fun family outing, even in the rain!

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