Can you see Him?

Some people can say “it’s not easy to see God in the day to day”. Maybe they don’t believe in the God that created everything around us, maybe they think God is too busy, or perhaps it’s that we aren’t looking for opportunities to give God credit for all He does in our “day to day”. As believers, we are reminded that we serve a God that is Alive! 

For our family here in the Dominican, sometimes we find plenty of opportunities to see God in our new “day to day”. Which begs the question, where was God in our old “day to day”? Was he less present? Were we less aware? I’m certainly no expert on this topic & don’t claim to have any special revelation. But, I do have a thought. What happens when fundamental things in our lives are taken away or minimized?


It’s very common to lose electricity for several hours at a time, so we installed an inverter to give us some power.



We were recently without running water for 2 days and have spoken with people who were without water for 10 days earlier this month. So, we installed a tinaco, which is a 450 gallon water tank on our roof! Communication, electricity & water are fundamental in our lives. When one is removed or minimized that creates a challenge, when all three are removed or minimized it can feel like a crisis.

We definitely have an increased appreciation for the things we used to take for granted. We also have an increased awareness of God’s daily intercession on our behalf. It seems that at every turn God provides in ways we couldn’t have expected. Times where specific friends and family come to mind. On the very same day, they reach out to us. When we are studying something specific in God’s word, it becomes a little comical that when visiting two different churches on two different Sundays, two different pastors preach from the same place in the Bible that we were studying. And in moments when we get lost in translation, He manages to provide one Dominican nearby, who is also trying to learn English and can help us in communication.

In my humble opinion, God is definitely not less present, but we are more aware of His working on our behalf when some of the basic needs of life are not guaranteed. And when some moments can get a little hectic because we are in need, He sends us the reminders to go to His word so we can hear from Him, rest in Him. Not in our own abilities. He’s our God of the universe. He’s almighty, all powerful and all knowing. He continues to draw us near to Him, even in the midst of all the new ways of living. And He works in the heart of every single human being that continues to choose in obedience, to walk alongside our family. We love you all and thank you for walking with us! 

Another blessing? When we decided to attend the church in the community San Pablo, where Project Manana serves, at first there was no one there to provide translation for us during the service. Then out of nowhere, a fellow friend and his family show up for church because it just so happened to be a Sunday that they wanted to visit. Praise God! Our friend translated for our family! We give God all the glory! 

The Lord has called us here, He calls us to the hearts of the people in this country. Many of them have been going without for a long time and for them it’s just a common way of living. Many are hurting, confused and sometimes looking for love in all the wrong places. We know we find love in Him who sent us Jesus and we’re hopeful to see how the Lord will continue to show up and show His wonders!


This past Friday, it was so much fun celebrating “Bible Day” at the Project Manana school. They showed the movie Prince of Egypt for the kids. They loved it! For most of them it was their first time ever seeing the movie. And to hear their laughter throughout, again, it’s another gift from God. Remember, our first blogpost? That movie is one of our favorites and now we know that we can watch it in Spanish. A great way to continue improving on our language, so we can improve our relationships for Him! As the pastor of San Pablo reminds us- “Ven y Ve”. “Come and See” how He can show up for you too!  


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